Pazino ECC

With over 8 years’ experience in the property market, Pazino ECC is dedicated to committing to exceptional execution capabilities in all areas including construction, dredging, design, finishing and service in major property developments in Lekki, Ibeju Lekki, Ajah, Ikoyi & Victoria Island.

Meet the MD Of Pazino ECC
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Call us: +234-01- 295- 4428, Sales Hotlines: 09080423886 | 09080423889


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Where is Pazino Garden Schemes ?

Pazino Garden Schemes are located around the Lekki Free Trade Zone axis namely Eluju, Iba, Bolorunpelu, and Akodo-Ise, all in Ibeju – Lekki area of Lagos state.

For master’s Villa it is located at Abule –Parapo,  Awoyaya, Ibeju Lekki Lagos.

Who is the developer of Pazino Gardens?

Pazino Engineering & Construction Company Limited.

What are the prices per plot?

We have prices at N800k, N900k, N1.2m, N2.5m, N3.5m, N4m ,N5m, N8m with 10% or more discount for outright purchases.

What do I get after payment?

A receipt of payment, email with payment acknowledgement, a welcome letter signed by the MD/CEO, provisional survey plan, letter of allocation, deed of assignment and restrictive estate covenant.

Can I pay a deposit and pay the balance any time within the duration or tenure?

Yes you can.

When can I be allotted my plot in Pazino Gardens?

Paper allocation will be done when you have made 100% of your payment (plot subscription and documentation)but physical allocation will be communicated to you by the Customer Service Department.

Can somebody pay on my behalf?

You are permitted to instruct anyone or corporate body to pay on your behalf, provided the bank deposit slip carries the required name of the purchaser (in the case of payment into Pazino ECC account). Failure to do that, Pazino ECC will not be obliged to subsequently register the payment in your purchaser’s name.

What other payments do I make apart from the payments on the land ?

Survey fee (subject to review), Deed of Agreement Fee, Premium/Developmental Fees (subject to review).

What will the developmental fee be used for ?

For the provision of infrastructural facilities within the Gardens.

What infrastructural facilities shall be available in the Estate ?

Street lights, electrification comprising of transformers, strings, poles connection to national grid, security post, recreation centre, paved roads with drainage and standby generators to power the street lights.

Is the developmental fee paid at once ?

Yes, it can be spread into two depending on the circumstances.

Is there a provision for group allotment?

Yes, group allotment is permissible in the case of registered co-operative, group of friends, societies, companies or such other associations.

If I invest in plot(s) of land, won’t I lose it to Omo – onile(s) or government acquisitions in the future ?

No you won’t lose your property to any government acquisition or Omo – onile. Pazino ECC will be acting on your behalf to acquire and protect your interest at all times. Your property will be inside any of our gardens that you desire and it will be secured and fenced completely.

Are the Garden Schemes already developed?

Pazino Garden Schemes are based on gradual acquisition of land and properties (sites & services). The initial phase we are now is to provide the site and services (facilities) thereby adding greater value to the properties.

What kind of documentation does the Estate Gardens have?

Amazing Grace Gardens, Almonds & Vines Gardens and Citadel of Dreams Gardens has an ongoing excision application process. They are free from Government’s (committed) acquisition while Citadel Homes & Parks has Excision (With Gazette Publication). For Master’s Villa it has supreme court judgement that can be processed immediately to Governor’s Consent.

Can I inspect these Garden Schemes for verification?

Yes you can. Inspection day is on Wednesdays between 9am to 4pm and Saturdays between 10 am and 2pm prompt. There will be a vehicle and driver at the company’s premises to convey you to all the Garden Schemes.

Why should I invest in the mentioned areas?

Due to the citing of the Lekki Free Trade Zone, Lagos Free Zone, Lekki-Epe Airport, Pan Atlantic University, Eleganza Industrial Scheme, Dangote Group Fertilizer Plant and Refinery projects, Deep Sea Port around many more property Schemes, it promises to attract a huge volume of businesses which will add high value to your investments.

Since the properties are of high value, can I resell my plot (s) of land to a third party if I want?

Reselling to a third party is permitted. However our company must be notified of such decision.

It is understandable that Pazino Gardens Schemes are fantastic, what do I enjoy when I refer people I know to invest in your schemes?

You will be adequately rewarded in percentage(s) or you can end up having plots of land to yourself (commission in kind) without paying any money from your pocket.

Can I refer people I know that needs a job to work market Pazino Products as freelancers?

Yes you can, anyone that wants to earn great income is welcome to be a part of our great team.

For some of us that live outside Nigeria, how can we be a part of this investment?

You can call our Corporate Office to speak to a Customer Service Agent. You will be guided accordingly.

What if I don’t want to send funds of my investment with Pazino ECC through a relative for obvious reasons, how do I get the funds to you?

Pazino ECC has Domiciliary Accounts, Current Accounts with major banks in Nigeria. We will forward the account numbers to you to effect payment and you will be notified on all successful transactions.

Would there be any other charges to be paid?

Yes, to be determined later by Pazino ECC in conjuction with the resident association.

Is the road to Pazino Garden Schemes motor-able?

Yes, you will drive on major (tarred) roads to get to all Pazino Gardens Schemes except for Citadel Homes & Parks whose motor-able road is an earth road at the moment.

Is there any limit to commence work on my property after allocation (physical) has been done?

No, you will not be disturbed after allocation has been given to you physically.

Can I pay cash to your agent(s)?

We do not discredit anybody, we strongly recommend that all cash transactions should be paid to Pazino ECC current accounts (with major banks) while all cheques be issued in favour of Pazino Engineering & Construction Company Limited. We would not accept responsibilities against any liabilities that arises if these instructions are not followed.

What is the size of the plot(s)?

Our plot sizes come in 250 sqm, 400 sqm, 550 sqm,600 sqm,648 sqm,1000 sqm,

What happens if I cannot continue my subscription? Can I get a refund?

Yes, you will give a ninety 90 (days) notice in order for Pazino ECC to process your refund. If that process is not successful, another sixty days shall be given to the vendor after which you (the purchaser) a refund of the total amount paid less 30% administrative charges and expenses. (cost of administration and commissions paid to probable independent marketers)

Does Corner piece attract Charges?

Yes, it's attracts 30% of the total sum of price per plot.(subject to review)

How do i get my receipt when i make payment?

You  can notify the company through your agent or the Customer care service department of the company with this mobile numbers.+234.1.2954428,+234.802.268.9090,+234.818.916.3654.

For more inquiries, please send an email to: [email protected]